Iya Patu Health
Sustainable Health
Iya Patu Health
Sustainable Health
Sustainable Health


Service options.

What We Do

  • Child-care, Neonatal, Maternal, Adult Health & Nutrition (CNMAHN)
  • Health Project development, implementation, evaluation & Impact Reporting
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and integration
  • Human Capital Development
  • Sustainable Development
  • Financing, DRM & Financial Protection
  • Primary Health Care (PHC) & Universal Health Coverage (UHC)
  • Capacity Building & Health System Strengthening (HSS)
  • Governance, Accountability, transparency, leadership and Management
  • Health Policies and Principles for all
  • Science, Technology & Innovation (STI)
  • Health Infrastructure, supplies & equipment
  • Public Private Partnerships in Health (PPPs)

How We Work – Analysis, Action & Engagement

  1. The Problem
  2. The Reason
  3. Our Solution
  4. Short-term impact
  5. Long-term impact

Capacity Building

Health is the pinnacle of justice, peace, fulfillment of human and economic development. Our ability in funding and achieving health for all is a collective undertaking, aimed at ending poverty, unemployment, racism, pollution and other risk conditions locally and globally. Our capacity will dwell on data collection and analysis, effective monitoring, evaluation and implementation, through improved community participation, local leadership and strong organizational structures. Other capabilities will include resource mobilization, equitable relationship with outside organizations and increased community engagement.

Evidence Generation

We will remain the bridge between our stakeholders and the numerous medical experts and related biotech and medical agencies, as well as managing all external relationships with patient groups, authorities and donor interventions. We will focus on population identification, patient-reported outcomes and efficacy of prediction and clinical research, for improved quality of life for all, with a view to developing a complete change of ways from the traditional models of evidence generation to a more cross-functional method of working and bringing together different skill sets from across our numerous work-related organizations.

How We Operate

  1. Mobilize
  2. Advocate
  3. Disseminate
  4. Educate